Ceramics in Vävra

About me

Making pottery is like a journey. On the way you keep on discovering new things. A basic training is just a beginning.

The world with its different cultures and abundance in nature are a great source of inspiration. My pottery is made in editions that developed with time and allow you to make choices beyond the uniformity of mass-production.

Welcome to my studio for a creative experience to get a feeling of clay on your hands and the new space that comes with it or to co-create your ideal pottery dishes.

Opening times:

Tue 18 – 21

Wen,Thu 13 – 18

Fr 11 – 18

Sa, Sun 11 – 16

Please check for new opening times in june. We will be having salt glaze firing the 9.6 so i will be busy at my kiln and wont have the studio open. Thanks!

My work