Skåra  Gård Hantverkskafe 

The website will be updated soon. For my new work please look at my Instagram or Facebook marketa_keramik_va­vra

At the moment I am only giving courses and at Homeopathy with baby Yasmin. So the shop is closed and will be only open at the Advent Saturday’s before Christmas.

So u are welcome to visit and buy pottery at Skåra Gård Hantverkskafe 


torsdag 09–17

fredag 08–17

lördag 08–17

söndag 08–16

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My work

About me

Making pottery is like a journey

My recent pottery is very much connected to the West Coast of Sweden. In its colors and ingrediens of my glazes. Most of the glazes are mixed from ashes of the local trees like birch, apple, chestnut and others, grown in the local environment on the West Coast. Also it is fired with wood growing around here. In the powerful process of the firing the ash will be transformed into glas alike effects, which are very much part of the characteristic of the pots. 

Once the kiln has reached 1260 I am introducing salt into the kiln, which wanders around with the flame and melts on the outside of the objects. That creates a salt glaze. 

Some of the object are fired laying down on sea shelfs I have found here on the coast. The firing creates a mark of the sea shells on the post. I always loved to see that on traditionally wood fired pots. There you have directly the parts of the nature connected to individual pieces of pottery. 

The world with its different cultures and abundance in nature are a great source of inspiration. My pottery is made in editions that developed with time and allows you to make choices beyond the uniformity of mass-production.

Welcome to my little exhibition in Vävra 800, Marstrandsvägen. Now in the lovely summer weather it is even in the garden. My studio is very good located on the way to the beautiful island Marstrand.