Education in ceramics

School of Ceramics, Landshut, Germany

Practical training and Theory in Art & Craft of Ceramics
Throwing pots, Building with clay, Design, Technical drawing, Art history, Chemistry and Lab for Glaze testing and developing, Glazing….

School of Design, Prague, Czech Republik

Main subject: Sculpting in clay, History and Technology of Ceramics, Designing ceramic objects and sculptures

History of Culture, Czech Literature and English Language, Social Science, Graphic Design

Traveling as a potter in a German free traveling craftsmen guild and times after

I was very lucky to meet all this amazing potters and artist. The priviledge working with them made my experience so enriching, that until today I am looking towards them with inspiration. The wonderful experience to be travelling in the world, with almost nothing, meeting all this kind, good people is something I will never forgett and therefore I am very thankfull to all that supported me along the way.

Martin McWilliam (Germany) ceramic objects and sculpture, Japanese Wood firing

sculpting, support at the firing, stoneware, slips, including of design of few little objects to experience the firing

escorting to an international Ceramic fair at Ruford…th-and-fire/

Steven Parry (UK) Traditional, wood fired ceramics

Mixing an ash glaze, preparing wood, designing ceramic boxes, experimenting on a british kick wheel

John Nuttgens (UK) Smoked fired ceramics design…Welcome.html

Finishing of the pots with a special technique, support at the smoke firing

Penny Simpson (UK, Devon) Teracotta with Slip brush design

Terracotta clay, Japanese slip technique, throwing pots, preparing slips, building dishes, glazing

Little own designs on the way, sculpting a coiled vase with a carved handle, experiments in slip design and producing for Christmas Market in Totnes, sculpted mugs and tea pots with little things, plus mixed jewellery with clay design

Nic Collins (UK, Devon) Anagama wood fired

Japanese wood firing technique, Anagama Firings, Fast fire kiln, mixing clay and glazes out of raw natural materials, preparing wood, little experiments on the way with throwing, slips and steps, flower designs, stoneware, slips, shino glazes

Micki Schloessingk (UK, Wales) salt glaze wood firing

For Micki some minor preparation on the way, mostly using part of the studio for my own experiments, working with stoneware, porcelain, stoneware/porcelain mix, using the British kick wheel, making sculpted pots. Mainly designing with slips to achieve colour effects in the firing, exploring the different clay effects, also little jewellery particles design

Jan Svankmajer (Czech Republic) 2009/2010/2012/2013 Sculpture development in Svankmajers studio

First time learning about the studio, preparing clay, preparing molds, casting molds, fine retouch to make everything ready for Svankmajer to make his sculptures, preparing for the firing

Working with artists in the process of production

Own experiments with different molds from the studio, Svankmajer inspired molded pottery sculptures

Klangton V. Riedelbauch and I.Tolla, Nürnberg

Skulpturprojekt August/Nov Working out a commission work together a gargoyle sculpture inspired by middle ages designs of house guards, 70 cm high without wings…min 60 long, to be installed on a roof of a private building

Garvald Arts and Crafts Centre in Edinburgh

Woodworkshop, Puppettery, Pottery

Art as a support for individuals with learning difficulties or social behavior problems on different levels

Encouraging and supporting their individual expression in a specific material or following certain guide lines, in particular guiding an individual person to find his place in the studios.

Rudolf Steiner inspired project

Using the ceramic studio possible for our own work with the materials available

Sweden, Vävra Keramik

worked on the wheel and glazing, currently & courses for previous owner Helen Kainert.