Keramik Kurse

Welcome to the creative space! Its all there waiting for you… You can do anything you imagine, depending only on your skills. With
my support and teaching you can always learn what you need to know to achieve your goal.

You will get a space, the tools and my guidance through the course and you decide what it is going to be. A course to relax while learning a few basic techniques in throwing on the wheel, building pots, pintching, sculpting or making little things such as jewellery or buttons… Or maybe you'd like to train long term?

We have very nice slip colors and a beautiful decorating selection, from indian wood stamps to old jewellery to press into the clay. You can decorate your pots or sculptures as you wish. For glazes you can decide between my standard glazes or after agreement bring your own.

When booking day courses or courses that go over longer time, you will pay half of the price for reservation when the course starts. I accept payments with Swish or cash. If neither is acceptable, we will find another way. Like payment online or I will send you a bill over the email.

Material is 100kr/kg with everything included (firing, glazes, colors…)
If you get sick or there is some other reason to cancel the course, please inform me as soon as possible!!!
You can write me an email or call me 0046 ( 0 ) 76 020 76 08

Here is a description on different courses offered. If you dont find what you need in the text below, you are welcome to conntact me and we'll figure out a way to satisfy your individual needs.

PS. If you're considering to take a longer course, please trim your nails and bring something to tie your hair.

Try out the wheel once

Maybe you were dreaming to try it out one day… How does it feel? The clay sliding between your hands, growing towards a cup or a bowl? Now you have the chance.

Maybe you want to give your children another kind of experience. To see how pottery was made in the old times? You are very welcome to contact me and i will find time for you to come to my studio.

Just trying it out is free! You can of course get your little pot fired and glazed, which costs 200 kr.

Creative day

Your day, where you finally find a place to be creative in an easy going environment together with your friends or family. Everyone gets their time on the wheel to get a feeling of it and to make something nice you can take home with you. We will do it step by step together with me.

You can also sculpt, pinch, roll clay out, paint… Whatever you feel like doing at the moment, or you can plan your ideas together with me. You can decorate with slips – clay colors on raw or leatherhard clay. The slips make it possible to work and progress quickly. You can also choose from the glazes i have or a combination of both.

1000 kr for a day and 500 for half a day, plus material (500 kr/kg)
You will be invited for tee and kaffee
3 – 6 people

Evening classes

You will get an introduction on the wheel, sculpting, pinching, or forming objects. First we will start with smaller things. Especially on the wheel… My approach is very individual, therefore advanced students will get the support they need on their level and can get advice as much as they need.

It is recommended to think about what you want to do beforehand. Many people have some ideas about what they would like to do. You are welcome to plan your projects with me. Of course if you would like me to find ideas, it is also possible. But you can also just let it flow and be very spontanious in the things you choose to create!!!

You can decorate with slips – clay colors on raw or leatherhard clay. The slips make it possible to work and progress quickly. You can also choose from the glazes I have or a combination of both.

Price 1650 kr, plus material ( including the firing, glazes, clay, colors etc.)
During breaks, you are invited for tea or coffee.
18:00 – 21:15, little groups (up to six people)

Feel free to sign up with Medborgarskolan
For private bookings, please contact me by phone or e-mail!

Pottery with children and family

This course is meant especially for people coming with their children or grandchildren. To be creative and have a good time – to make things out of clay, to try the wheel with me, to pinch, experiment and paint with lovely colors.

Its an unforgettable experience and a nice memory to have from the kids childhood. I will fire everything and later they will be able to take it home with them and drink from their own cup or eat from a bowl they have made.

350 kr /adults + 300 kr /child (max three children for one adult ) Families with a lot of kids, can get a discount price 250 kr/child + material. People over 13 years are not considered children, even though I know that for parents their children are always their kids, even if they are 50… Just to make this clear.

During breaks, you are invited for tea or coffee.

Children's course

In a small group and nice enviroment, with individual approach to the children. The children will do everything – throw on the wheel, form the clay, play with it, make little sculptures. Its very much up to them.

They can paint their creations afterwards and make marks, use stamps and more. It is very nice to see a childs developement with the clay. They are often more free in their creativity and can decide for themselves what they will do with the clay.

Max 4 children per course
weekends 9.30 – 12.00
1100 SEK per child plus Material (100 SEK/kg)

15 hour pottery ticket – only for advanced students

You can book yourself into the studio and work side by side with me. You have to know the basic and be able to work independently. Of course, i will give you tips to develop your skills and you can get professional advice to develop your projects.

1500 kr for 15 hours. Daytime only! We will work the time out, so it fits in with your job or schedule. It is even possible to book yourself in only for a few hours (110 kr per hour)!

During breaks, you are invited for tea or coffee.


Raku courses are from spring to latest october, depending on the weather. I am using a small wood kiln, designed for the raku firing.

We will meet twice. First time to make the pottery, for 3 hours or a bit more. The second time to glaze it and to fire it in the kiln. It's hard to tell how long the firing will take, but mostly we're finished before the evening.

The raku technique is very exciting. You can feel all the elements – the clay, the fire, the wind and water. You can't really decide how exactly the pots will turn out or how the cracks are going to form on the pot. It is a bit like unpacking Christmas presents.

1500 kr plus material (100 kr/kg)