Ceramics in Vävra

Little gallery

You are welcome to visit the studio and the little gallery which is located directly on the way to Marstrand, on the beautiful west coast of Sweden. It is certainly worth stopping by to see the new collection, or, if you are already close, enjoying the lovely nature surroundings and the historical sites at Marstrand.

In the gallery you can also see other arts and crafts people, most living and working at the west coast of Sweden.

Find unique gifts for others or for yourself.

Opening times

Wendesday-Friday 11–17

Saturday, Sunday 11–16

During the summer month i will be there often on Tuesdays 27.6, 4.6, 11.6 and sometimes longer as its written on here. Its possible to give me a call and check if you are on the way and need to get urgently a gift for yourself or somebody else. 


Eva Sasioglu

Handcrafted jewelry made in her studio in Tjuvkil with feeling and joy!


Bodil Ahnoff

Designing the most charming pots for your flowerbed and garden. Hopefully you will find a little friend to share your life with and have a nice time!


Monica Sanborn Tjusanskonst

Monica is a glas artist.